Experience Pleasant Oral Health Care with Sedation Dentistry – Little Elm, TX

Being fearful and anxious about dental visits, procedures, or even the dentist is normal and common. Fear is the brain’s response to something perceived as a threat or entirely unfamiliar. However, the problem with dental fear is, people would instead settle the dental issue with their own hands than seek professional attention. For them, eliminating discomfort and pain with the help of certain medications would suffice. Unfortunately, this practice can cause the issue to worsen over time.

Thankfully, dentists now have the means to make patients feel relaxed and at ease during dental procedures. With sedation dentistry, patients can now receive the oral health care they deserve without anything that can get in the way. At Woodlake Family Dentistry, aside from the usual sedation options like laughing gas, oral sedation, and local sedation, we also have the secret weapon to make shots more comfortable – DentalVibe.

Sedation Dentistry

How do Sedation Dentistry options work?

Laughing Gas

It is a type of sedation option that uses a Nitrous Oxide gas, administered through a mask that is worn over the nose. The mask would be worn throughout the scheduled procedure to make the patient stay relaxed. The sedative takes effect a few minutes after the patient starts inhaling the gas and wears off fast when they start to breathe in regular air. The dentist can easily adjust the dosage of the sedative during a procedure depending on the needs of the patient.

Oral Sedation

As its name implies, it is a sedative in the form of a pill that is taken an hour before the scheduled appointment to take effect. Unlike laughing gas, oral sedatives cannot be adjusted during the procedure, so the dosage to use is determined beforehand.

Local Sedation

It is a type of sedation administered through shots that are delivered near the site where the procedure will take place to make it numb.

DentalVibe is a 3-Step Comfort Injection Process. It is a device used by dentists to makes shots more bearable. It involves:

  • The application of a topical anesthetic
  • The delivery of an anesthetic that has the same temperature with the body
  • A device that produces gentle vibrations during the injection to eliminate the pricking sensation and discomfort of a needle

These options are sure to help patients feel more at ease during their dental appointments for them to get the oral health care they deserve!

You deserve outstanding dental care services! For you to enjoy any of these, we provide Sedation Dentistry options in Little Elm, TX. Book your appointment with us at Woodlake Family Dentistry and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!