Snap-On Smiles in Little Elm: Making the Best Smile Possible in a Snap!

In this technology-based world, everything is obtained in an instant. If you are coming to Japan, you can quench with your favorite refreshments anytime, anywhere because multitudinous vending machines surround the place. Here in America, people rely much on google. So if someone has questions, they will get immediate answers! Nannies, housekeepers, and even boyfriends can be acquired in a click. Did you know that your smile too can change in one snap? Woodlake Family Dentistry makes it possible!

Here in our practice, everyone can get the most wanted smiles right away. We are proud to introduce Snap-On Smiles treatment! It is quick, easy, and much affordable when compared to other cosmetic options. Those who want to have a budget-friendly alternative to dentures and implants can take advantage of Snap-On Smiles. However, people with a misaligned jaw, poor bone structures, and are struggling with certain oral complications are not qualified for the procedure.

Perfect Smile

Facts About Snap-On Smiles

Snap-On Smiles are considered the simplest and painless way of achieving a beautiful smile. It utilizes a removable appliance that is made up of thin tooth-like shells that fit snugly into the real teeth. The materials used are high-tech dental resins that resemble the appearance of your natural pearly whites. Here are other facts about the treatment that you ought to know:

  • The shells that consist Snap-On Smiles device are super thin, specifically 0.5 mm. That said, eating and talking will never be a hassle.
  • The oral device can conceal various imperfections such as discolorations, gaps, crookedness, and chipping.
  • The process associated with Snap-On Smiles treatment is not extensive. All you need to do is have your overall oral health evaluated by the dentist. If you are a good candidate for the procedure, an impression of your teeth will be taken. Once the fabrication of the prosthesis in an off-site lab is done, you will revisit the dental clinic for the final fitting.
  • Comfort is assured with Snap-On Smiles the fact that you don’t necessarily need to wear the appliance for the whole day. You can decide to put them into your mouth whenever you are out for some gatherings and take them off when you’re back home.

If you want a gorgeous grin in one or two visits, opt for Snap-On Smiles in Little Elm, TX! Book an appointment with us at Woodlake Family Dentistry now. We are located at  2721 Little Elm Pkwy., #105, Little Elm, TX 75068.