Dental Sealants in
Little Elm

Dental sealants are a great way to protect your teeth and maintain good dental health. Getting sealants is a gentle procedure that builds a protective layer on your teeth.

Dental Sealants in Little Elm

When you are considering getting dental sealants in Elm, Texas, call our caring staff at Woodlake Family Dentistry. We will be glad to discuss the benefits of getting sealants done.

Using proper brushing, flossing and dental rinses are essential to maintaining a healthy smile. However, they are limited in removing the plaque in those hard-to-reach places between your teeth and in the back of your mouth.

What a dental sealant does is to coat your teeth with a thin and invisible layer of plastic resin that acts as a barrier to prevent bacteria from attacking your teeth. It fills the tiny fissures and grooves on your teeth, creating a smooth and hardened surface.

A sealant treatment can last for years before needing another application. Children can also benefit from getting sealants, but they need to be redone as incoming permanent teeth replace the baby teeth.

The procedure can be done in just one visit while you are getting your teeth cleaned. Once your teeth are professionally cleaned, your dentist will prep your teeth to accept the resin by using a soft gel. The resin hardens quickly under UV light and is painless.


Sealants help you to maintain great oral health by:

  1. Blocking food particles from lodging in small cracks in your teeth.
  2. Helping to reduce bacteria from eating away at the enamel.
  3. Reducing the chances of cavities and gum disease.
  4. Being affordable.

Children are the most vulnerable to cavities, especially when their permanent teeth start to come in. But it’s never too late to get sealants done. As an adult, you can benefit from getting sealants as long as you don’t have existing tooth decay or fillings.

No, getting sealants is not painful. But like most dental procedures, you will need to stay still with your mouth open during the process. Just sit back and watch your favorite shows on our flat-screen TVs.

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Cassandra C.

From beginning to end this office was welcoming and warm. I must say so detailed. This is the best my teeth have felt in years. Like I was so confident when I left and didn’t feel like things were being told to me just because. My entire family comes to this office and I’m glad I am here now!
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Rachel T.

Scheduled cleaning appointment was quick with no long waits. Staff were friendly and the environment is welcoming.
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Toni M.

I love this dental office! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, & incredibly helpful! I love the dentist. I am so appreciative they were able to work me in for my pain & see me later that day for treatment. I will recommend to anyone who needs a new dentist or a dentist in general! Thank you so much!
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